StorySkills™ Sales Programs Cover All Of The Following & More...

  • Why Stories Sell - Stories explain, educate and entertain. They inspire and inform. Stories help you befriend people and build bonds with prospects, clients, customers and colleagues.

  • Three Reasons People Buy - Stories can help build trust, they can illustrate and explain benefits, they can differentiate products or services from the competition and describe how your offerings satisfy needs best. They can project purchase urgency.

  • Stories for Specific Situations: Stories can be used to communicate: Non Directive Suggestions, Warnings, Corporate Values, Wisdom & Best Practices, Key Insights, Employee Recognition, Definitions of Excellence, Inspiration, Motivation.

  • Anatomy of a Story / Constructing GREAT Stories - Storytelling principles, parts of a story, the art and science of storytelling.

  • Unique Selling Proposition - Stories illustrate and explain what makes your product or service better and different from the competition. They can compel customers to buy from you right now.

  • Avoiding The "Three Sins of Sales" - Three too common mistakes sales people and companies make that stifle sales success, careers and sales presentations.

  • Develop a Story Style of Speech Delivery - Attract attention with your voice, make customers, colleagues and prospects truly WANT to listen to what you say. 

  • Maintain Your Optimal Best Self State - Learn to consistently attain and maintain your Optimal Best Self State in sales presentation and personal situations. Sound great and honestly feel great no matter what's happening around you!

  • Performance Energy - Relaxed, energized, enhanced well-being whenever you wish!

  • Power Posture & Energy Dancing - Project polished professionalism powerfully in business and personal situations.

  • The True Source of Stress & How to Conquer It Forever! Simple, powerful technique you'll enjoy practicing it ALL the time.

  • Sales Presentations - ALL Business Is Show Business! Put Sizzling Sales Shows & Powerful Presentations Together Quickly and Effectively.

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