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Michele Moore, CEO Happiness Habit, Inc.

Ten Secrets To Happiness
How To Enjoy A Happy Life

By Michele Moore


1. Try To Have A Good Time All The Time - Habitually happy people literally try to have a good time all of the time. They want to make the most of each moment. Normal people say, “Don’t be silly, you can’t expect to be happy or have a good time all of the time!” Habitually happy people reply, “I can try!” or, “With an attitude like that you never will be truly Up or happy!” We are truly at our best when we are Up, energized, confident and happy.

2. Creatively Reinvent Boring, Difficult or Meaningless Tasks - Make work fun, turn boring chores into games, involve other people, plot your progress toward achieving long term projects, tie everything you do to meaningful goals. Celebrate success, your own and other people’s successes. Let a spirit of fun propel your work, your happiness and look forward to ever greater achievements.

3. Eliminate All Unnecessary, Non-productive Negativity -
Amazing improvements in happiness happen when people simply decide to eliminate all unnecessary negativity from their lives. Limit or eliminate negative people, situations and thoughts and enjoy greater happiness. It’s a very powerful tool! Happiness Photo

4. Avoid The Fault Finding Feel Goods - Habitually happy people don’t blame, criticize, judge or condemn and they avoid people who do. They don’t try to feel superior or elevate themselves by focusing on what’s wrong or finding fault.

5. Move From Problems To Solutions Quickly - Good solutions are often very different from fixing problems. So long as we continue to focus on what's wrong, we’re often blocked from seeing good solutions. Habitually happy people move from problems to solutions quickly.

6. Make Goodness Your Guiding Goal - Be Kind, Generous and Grateful - Habitually Happy people are genuinely and surprisingly kind, caring, considerate and compassionate. Goodness brings its own special rewards. They genuinely care about other people.

7. Don’t Beat Yourself Up, Criticize or Condemn Yourself - Beating yourself up just reinforces the errors you are trying to avoid. Channel regrets into positive meaningful actions that will strengthen your skills and help you build greater happiness and success in the future.

8. Revolt Against Anything That Tries To Get You Down - Cultivate irrepressible good cheer. Don’t hand control of your emotions, actions or attention over to negative people or to situations that try to down your spirits or control you. Rebel against negativity, practice emotional independence.

9. Avoid Excessive Self Concern - Continually energize your mind with interesting, intriguing thoughts and ideas. Habitually happy people don’t think about themselves all that much, they say excessive self concern is a major barrier to happiness and success. Focus your attention outside of yourself. Think about other people's feelings and perspectives.

10. Focus on Spiritual Success - If you summon up a genuine sense of fun and sparkle and then honestly project it, you can’t help but take on a better mood yourself. Try and touch each person you meet with a smile and a positive spirit. Live with great integrity, honesty and by only the highest and best values.


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