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Choose Your Moods and Attitudes

By Michele Moore


Decide How You Want To Feel

Habitually Happy People have made decisions about how they want to feel. They like to feel good, Up, energized and happy so they try to feel that way all of the time.

They continually try to do their best, feel their best and be at their best, it's an illustration of the First Law of Happiness: Our Focus Determines Our Feelings.

Trying to do their best and be at their best helps them feel their best.

They know how to choose their moods and attitudes. They choose to be cheerful, energized, focused and happy. That's the way they want to go through life.

They don't readily hand control of their happiness, good humor or well-being over to outside circumstances that threaten to down their spirits, hurt or control them. They don't look to outwardly to decide how to feel. happiness focus photo

Instead, they look inwardly and choose thoughts, feelings and actions that help them to succeed and be happy.

Study the skills and strategies of habitually happy people, become one yourself.  


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