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Happiness Is Altruistic

By Michele Moore


Happy People Are Amazingly Altruistic

They give generously without strings attached. They are dedicated to doing good for goodness sake, not just in expectation for what they can receive in return. They rarely pass up a chance to help someone if they can do it without cost or risk.

This illustrates the First Law of Happiness - Our Focus Determines Our Feelings. When we focus on doing good we feel good.

These are the people who will cheerfully stop to help you change a flat tire but who will not accept any money for their work. They have already received their reward, knowing they helped and did a good deed.

They share goodness with others in hope but not expectation they will receive it in return. Part of their personal mission is to try to make the world a happier, more helpful place.

Look around you and watch for Habitually Happy People. Study their behaviors and beliefs. Become one yourself!  

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