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Begin Each Day Beautifully

By Michele Moore


The First Few Moments of the Day Set The Tone For The Entire Day

The first [and last] few moments of the day are very important times of day. Your mind is especially susceptible to suggestions during those hazy, lazy times when you are just waking up or just about to fall asleep.

As you just begin to wake up, think only positive, self empowering thoughts. Focus on all of the incredible things you will enjoy and achieve during the day. Decide to engineer a great day and resolve to make it happen. Don't let any negative thoughts enter your mind. happiness habit sunrise photo

Begin each day with eager anticipation to create a great day and then follow through. Define what you are going to achieve and then decide to enjoy it.

You are at your best when you are feeling your best. Don't dampen a great day with a negative attitude! Don't hold yourself back, depress yourself or make your own misery!

Resolve to practice being your best self all of the time. Then let your best grow and strengthen throughout the day. Enjoy yourself and everything around you.

Cultivate a positive, energized good mood and defend it. Don't let anything interfere with your good, energized mood or down your spirits.

Savor, enjoy and appreciate every part of the day. Every day we live is cause for celebration. Embrace it and enjoy it.


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