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Define Happiness and
What Happiness Means To You
By Michele Moore

What Is Happiness? What Is A Happy Life?


Happiness is just like any other goal, you have to know what Happiness is, what Happiness means to you and how Happiness works in order to build a Happy Life.

Defining Happiness is the first and most important step to living a happier life. So take a few moments and define what happiness means to you.

WARNING: This is very hard for most people. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, the Internet and psychological references will not be much help. Keep trying, this is important. Struggled enough?

The Happiness Habit definition of a Happy Life:

A Happy Life Is:
Pleasant & Pleasing,
Purposeful & Productive
Prosperous & Spiritually Successful

(By Prosperous, we mean your work or what you do is bearing positive results.
Spiritually Successful means living in harmony with your environment
by the highest and best values.)

The Happiness Habit Defines Happiness As:

Happiness Is:
The Elevated, Excited Emotion
We Experience When We Enjoy,
Appreciate or Achieve A Worthwhile Goal

These are broad, general definitions we find are accurate and helpful to people who want to build happier lives.


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