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Happiness Is NOT Stress Free

By Michele Moore


"Smooth seas do not make a great mariner." ~ Seneca
Staying safe in a pond means you'll never sail across big seas

Challenges temper us, making us stronger, more able and confident. Once we have weathered a difficulty well, the new problems often seem far less imposing.

Overcoming challenges changes our perception of problems, diminishing their power over us. This helps smooth our path to happiness. Rocks in the road become our stepping stones to strength and resilience.

Situations that once seemed staggering become easy. It's not the circumstances that have changed, our confidence, strength and effectiveness have grown.

happiness is not stress less photoBe grateful for these gifts of strength, they build us into what we need to be to face the challenges of the future, to feel happy and confident no matter what challenges we face.

Though out time architects have added weight and stress to strengthen structures and make them more stable. We can use stress to strengthen our selves as well.

If we can learn to be happy and relaxed under stressful situations, being happy and relaxed under more normal situations becomes comparatively easy.

Happiness is not stress less, a happy life is not stress free. Use stress and difficulties to strengthen your happiness, resilience and determination to enjoy life and be happy no matter what challenges you face.


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