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Fault Finding Feel Goods


By Michele Moore


The Fault Finding Feel Goods are the biggest barriers to happiness!

The Faul Finding Feel Goods are all those terribly enticing criticisms, complaints, put downs and negative comments we all tend to use to elevate ourselves and our sense of self esteem.

We make ourselves feel good on some level when we put other things or people down.

The problem is that we're focusing on negative things and what is wrong. That's not the way to happiness or to spiritual success!

Since we feel good on some level by complaining about what is wrong, we have no real vested interest in trying to help improve it or change it. So we don't do anything to help improve the situations. We tend to stay stuck in our negativity and wallowing in wrongs.

The Fault Finding Feel Goods take many forms... blame, judgmental criticism, bigotry, ridicule and complaints.

Stop the Fault Finding Feel Goods as soon as you sense them if you want to be happy and spiritually successful. Refocus on right actions that will help you achieve, succeed and be happy.


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