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Michele Moore, CEO Happiness Habit, Inc.

Rapid Rebound & Resiliency


By Michele Moore


Want to speed your rebound from life's disappointments and difficulties?

Imagine how you will think, act and feel once you have successfully put the problem or difficulty behind you. Envision what it will be like once you have rebounded in full, colorful detail and then consciously try to adopt that mind set and mental perspective.

When we have rebounded and successfully put problems behind us, the difficulties generally:

• Absorb less of our time and attention

• Cause us less emotional pain

• Our view of the problem changeshappy rebound photo

The key is to desire and visualize a less painful perspective and then to try to put it into place.

Problems and difficulties are distracting. They tend seize and hold our attention. Whatever we focus our mind upon expands in our reality and our consciousness.

We never feel better by focusing on how badly we feel.

Problems and difficulties are also energizing, but it's a negative, draining energy.

We can often get immediate relief by focusing on identifying and implementing good solutions. Habitually happy people move from problems to potential solutions quickly.

Resiliency is a key to Happiness. Imagining a rebound mind set helps us to acquire a new view of our alternatives and opportunities quickly.



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