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Be Your Best Self


By Michele Moore


Practice Being Your Best Self All The Time

We all occasionally enjoy those special, magical days when we are thinking, acting and feeling our very best. Recall one of those days, remember how you felt and describe it in very clear, specific detail. People often say thinks like...

"My mind is alert, sharp, focused, I am able to concentrate very well. A relaxed powerful energy is flowing through my body. My spirit seems to soar with joy. My concentration is intense without my body feeling tense."

Remember one of those special days, recall your thoughts and feelings. Feel the rhythm and beat of that marvelous, positive energy flowing through your body. Connect with those feelings and take them on for yourself. Project them and they will be yours. Happy Sun Flower Best Self

You can't step into that magic zone by concentrating on how badly you feel!

To be happy, practice being your best self all of the time. Make it a goal to feel your best whenever you can.

See yourself feeling your best, feel those feelings, project them and they will be yours when you want them.You can now be at your best whenever you wish!

This is a great way to be happy.


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Michele Moore is author of the How To Live A Happy Life - 101 Ways To Be Happier which is available at book stores close to you and through Amazon.com - see www.HappinessHabit.com for further information. She produces and co-hosts Happy Life TV and serves as CEO of Happiness Habit, Inc.

Michele Moore writes and speaks on Happiness, Sparkle!®, Effectiveness Engineering and Workplace Well-being from her offices in Atlanta.


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