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Money Is Not Happiness


By Michele Moore


Wealth buys freedom from some worries, such as food, housing and healthcare. But money certainly does not buy happiness. There are lots of very wealthy people who are not especially happy.

Many studies have shown that super wealthy people are not significantly happier than the rest of us.

In fact, one study in Australia, see ABC-Australia showed that higher income people actually expressed less satisfaction with their lives than people in lower income brackets or of more moderate means.

Money can buy beautiful things that bring Situational Happiness, happiness that comes from external sources. Money certainly shows superficial status and financial success. Money also buys interesting, enlightening experiences, education and travel. It buys delightful distractions and diversions.
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All these external sources can certainly elevate our happiness temporarily. But when we become accustomed or acclimated to them, or if they disappear, our happiness usually wanes and disappears as well.

Habitually happy people seek Spiritual Success which brings Sustained Happiness. This is a chosen way of being that includes a permanently elevated good mood.

They decide what they want to do and they decide to enjoy it. Their happiness is fairly independent of their external environment or their circumstances. It also involves living with great kindness, compassion, integrity and by the very highest and best values.

It's easy to confuse things that bring us happiness temporarily with the true sources of happiness, which ultimately lies within ourselves.

Unhappy people will be unhappy despite their wealth and all the good things that happen to them. Habitually happy people decide to be happy no matter what happens to them or around them.


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Michele Moore is author of the How To Live A Happy Life - 101 Ways To Be Happier which is available at book stores close to you and through Amazon.com - see www.HappinessHabit.com for further information. She produces and co-hosts Happy Life TV and serves as CEO of Happiness Habit, Inc.

Michele Moore writes and speaks on Happiness, Sparkle!®, Effectiveness Engineering and Workplace Well-being from her offices in Atlanta.



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