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Focus On How You Want To Feel


By Michele Moore


Habitually Happy People know how they like to feel, they have a sort of Best Self Optimal Way of Being and Feeling. They try to be that way and feel that way most of the time.

Their Optimal Way of Being and Feeling Goal becomes a sort of role that is genuine, realistic and authentic for them because it is THEIR Best Self. They want it, they visualize it and they work to attain it just like any other goal in life.

You'll NEVER feel better by focusing on how badly you feel!

Yes, like the rest of us, Habitually Happy People have times when they feel down and fall into the dumps or doldrums. But they catch themselves and try to stop, re energize and return to their Best Self way of being as soon as they can. happy focus photo

They'll say, "I don't like myself when I feel or act that way."

They focus on how they want to feel and try to become that way.

When you focus on bad feelings they expand in your mind. Happy People focus on good feelings and how they want to feel, not on what they want to avoid.

This is another powerful technique from Happiness Habit® Research.


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Michele Moore is author of the How To Live A Happy Life - 101 Ways To Be Happier which is available at book stores near you and through Amazon.com - see www.HappinessHabit.com for further information. She produces and co-hosts Happy Life TV and serves as CEO of Happiness Habit, Inc.

Michele Moore writes and speaks on Happiness, Sparkle!®, Effectiveness Engineering and Workplace Well-Being from her offices in Atlanta.



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