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Happy People Define Themselves


By Michele Moore


Habitually Happy People are happy because they decided to define and develop themselves to be happy people.

At some critical point in their lives, they resolved to cast off all unnecessary unhappiness, misery and negativity. They consciously decided to change, to be different and develop themselves to be happy, spiritually successful people.

They set a goal for the sort of person they wanted to be. They kept their happiness goal continually in mind. Over time they gradually acquired the thoughts, actions and feelings of happy people.

Many of the habitually happy people we interviewed and studied said they had been very unhappy for much of their lives. Some even reported they came from dismal, unhappy family situations or backgrounds.

They didn't want to be or become just a product of their environment and experience, they wanted more for their lives. happiness through time shifting and changing photo

So they cast off past pain and misery and developed themselves into happy, successful people. It was a goal that eventually became an authentic role for them.

Gradually, over time, they adopted the positive, successful perspectives and habits that lead to a happy, successful life. They developed themselves into happy people.

They decided to define who they would be and become. They focused on what they wanted to achieve, worked on it and eventually attained their goals of happiness and spiritual success.

The same skills, perspectives and opportunities are available to us all!


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Michele Moore is author of the How To Live A Happy Life - 101 Ways To Be Happier which is available at book stores near you and through Amazon.com - see www.HappinessHabit.com for further information. She produces and co-hosts Happy Life TV and serves as CEO of Happiness Habit, Inc.

Michele Moore writes and speaks about Happiness, Sparkle!®, Effectiveness Engineering and Workplace Well-Being from her offices in Atlanta.


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