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Happiness Is Kind,
Caring & Compassionate

By Michele Moore


Kindness is Goodness and Love in Action

Kindness is reaching out and giving the gift of caring, concern and compassion to others. Even small, seemingly insignificant gestures can often mean a great deal to a person in need. Niceness means genuinely caring about other people.

The people who need our love, kindness and support the most are often those who are least able to respond positively. Goodness truly is its own reward. We feel good when we do good.

Habitually Happy people are extraordinarily kind and they are also very independent. They are the ones who will break from the crowd to extend kindness to an individual in distress when everyone else is hostile or aloof. They do it because no one else is doing it and they know it needs to be done. Happy Kindness photo

By extending love and kindness to others we grow greater love within ourselves.

If it is reflected back to us with a smile of gratitude, so much the better. When it is not, we are still warmed by the spirit of love we have extended.

When we extend compassion to the unlovable, we strengthen our skills of loving and become more confident we are loved ourselves.


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