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Be Guided By Goodness

By Michele Moore


"Happy People Are Never Wicked" - Dutch Proverb

We are often surprised how very good truly happy people are. Habitually happy people are guided by goodness, they make goodness a guiding goal.

They continually try to do their best, feel their best and be at their best all of the time. Goodness is central to being their best.

Goodness allows them to live in harmony and be respected by others. Goodness allows them to act and think consistently with their highest and best values. Goodness is very powerful, goodness is eternal and universal.happiness turtle tracks sychelles

Evil is driven by self interest, illness and dysfunction, it is often twisted and covert.

Evil people enjoy hurting other people, or simply don't care.

Finding joy in hurting others is not the way to happiness or spiritual success.

Evil is a departure from goodness that may bring gain to some people from the pain of others. Competition itself is not inherently evil, good competition compels everyone to gain.

Goodness prevails because it is in the best interest of many, not just a few.

Guide your life with goodness, make goodness your guiding goal. It's the only way to be truly happy!


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