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Love Propels Happiness

By Michele Moore


Happiness comes with the excited, energized, exuberant emotion we feel when we love what we're doing, love the people around us, love our work, ourselves and the future ahead of us.

Love is exciting, delighting, empowering, uplifting. Love sends our spirits soaring.happy bannana photo

Happy people love the world around them, their work, their future, they love everything the do. Love propels their happiness.

Habitually happy people have made a conscious decision to try to love all of the time.

The best way to excel at anything is to cultivate a love for it.

Love is an active verb, it is something we can decide to do. It's an emotion we can cultivate and project. Love is expressed in our actions and attitudes.

Love is not just something that happens to us. It can become a way of life and a path to happiness.

To live a happier life, propel your happiness with love. Decide to try to love all of the time.


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