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Happiness Is Rebellious
& Independent

By Michele Moore


Habitually Happy People Are Very Independent
And Enjoy Indomitably Strong Spirits

They refuse to let life's difficulties get them down. They know they have to be at their best to do their best, and they try to be at their best all of the time. They also try to have a good time all of the time.

A spirit of revolt and rebellion helps fuel their happiness.

A stubborn refusal to let life's difficulties get them down or get the better of them is an important component of their happiness.

They protect their good mood. Irrepressible good cheer helps fuels their enjoyment of life.
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They are Emotionally Independent.

They don't like to hand control of their thoughts, actions or feelings over to bad situations or people who try to drag them down. They revolt and rebel against giving bad things control.

A streak of rebelliousness fuels their desire and determination to overcome obstacles, difficulties and anything that threatens to demoralize or depress them.

They want to get the most of life and enjoy life as much as they can.

There is no law that you have to feel sad just because something bad happens. You have to be at your best and feel your best to deal with it effectively.

Let a spirit of rebellion and independence help fuel your happiness!


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