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Happiness Is Honest

By Michele Moore


Honesty means living with great integrity, by our best values and consistently with our concept of truth.

Habitually Happy People have very high integrity, they live consistently with their values and beliefs. And they choose values and beliefs that are held in high esteem by others as well.

"If you feel you have have to lie, it means you need to change what you are doing, change how you're thinking about it or both," one once commented. Happy Honesty pilars photo

Lying means we are ashamed of the truth or fear the truth.

You cannot be happy when are worried the truth will be discovered or when you are ashamed of what you do or what you have done.

Habitually Happy People don't lie. They don't deny the truth or fear the truth. They find ways of honestly sharing the truth with the people around them while still being kind.

They are happy and they are trusted, admired and held in high esteem by others.


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