What Can We Do To Be Happier? That is the question we wanted our research to answer. Academic studies of happiness, while interesting, rarely describe exactly what we can do to be happier or or how we can build a happy life.

We noticed some people seem to be happy practically all of the time, no matter what sort of difficulties or challenges they face. Over a period of time we interviewed and studied these "Habitually Happy" people from many different walks of life and life situations to see what they did differently from the rest of us.

Happiness Habits - We found Habitually Happy people have a very special set of values, beliefs, habits, ideals and boundaries that propel their ever present good cheer and protect them from stress and distress. We call these special qualities "Happiness Habits."

If you decide to adopt and apply the characteristics of happy people, you, too can be happy or happier. Why not give it a try?

Our Goal Is To Identify and Share Skills that Build Happiness. We selected a Consumer Product Testing and Design approach similar to what companies like Microsoft® use to develop their products, to organize our data.

We summarize our research results as simple, clear "Happiness Habits" that are easy to remember and apply. Happiness Habits are:

  1. Consistent with what most people sense and believe to be true about happiness;
  2. Consistent with the best academic research; and, most importantly,
  3. Actually help people build happier lives.

which validates and supports our research results, approach and methodology.

You decide for yourself! See how Happiness Habits can help you build a happy life.

Here's more about what we do described in standard statements of corporate goals, mission and history:

Happiness Habit Goals & Mission:

The Goal of the Happiness Habit is to identify the key values, beliefs, habits, ideals and boundaries that lead to happiness and spiritual success, state them in simple sayings that are easy to remember and apply and to share them widely to help build happiness and spiritual success.

The Happiness Habit Mission is to bring greater happiness and spiritual success to as many people as possible, with a special emphasis on those who are suffering from tragedy and economic crises.

Explore the Happiness Habit web site, The Happiness Blog, The Creating Happiness Blog , Happiness In Hard Times, Happiness Habits At Work and Happiness Habits For Families for examples of what we do.

Happiness Habit History:

The Happiness Habit® grew from a study and series of interviews with habitually happy, genuinely joyous people from all different walks of life and life situations. Many of the Habitually Happy people we interviewed were facing major life crises like job loss, terminal illness and economic distress.

We found habitually happy people have a very distinctive way of looking at the world that fuels their ever present joy and shields them from stress and distress. We call these distinctive qualities Happiness Habits.

Happiness Habits can be taught and learned, practiced and perfected just like any other personal, professional, musical or sports skills. We identify key Happiness Habits that bring happiness and spiritual success and explain why they work so well.

If you decide to embrace and practice the values, beliefs, habits, ideals and boundaries characteristic of habitually happy people, you, too will become happy or happier!

Explore our web sites, comment on our blogs. Share your thoughts and insights about what you think leads to happiness and spiritual success. Disagree with us if you feel so inclined. We look forward to hearing from you!

See Happiness In Hard Times if you know someone who is suffering from our current economic crises. The Happiness Blog and the NEW Creating Happiness Blog offer evolving perspectives on happiness spanning the past five years.

Pay special attention to Happiness Habits At Work and Happiness Habits For Families to bring greater happiness to your family or job. Comment, let us know your thoughts and reactions.

Wishing you great happiness and spiritual success,

Michele Moore and the
Happiness Habit Team

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